POREX® Radial Cartridge

Radial Cartridge Application Briefs and Technical Documentation

Porex radial cartridges are polyethylene-based filters designed for use across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial filtration systems. Our high-density polyethylene cartridges withstand vigorous cleaning and reuse, thanks to chemical and physical protection attributes built-in to their design, while also installing easily into most cartridge housings found in modern industrial filtration systems.

Porexʼs rigid, omni-directional pore structure ensures these units meet chemical and thermal compatibility standards for a variety of radial cartridge applications, while a unique, molded radial design gives these cartridges a simple-to-use one-piece construction for easy installation and maintenance. The filtration material found in Porex radial cartridges complies with the Code of Federal Regulations for food contact.

For a lightweight, durable filtration solution for use in industrial filtration systems, Porex radial cartridges stand above the competition. Below is a list of radial cartridge applications and technical documentation:


Radial Cartridge Application Briefs

Amine Gas Sweetening
Amine is a method used to remove the H2S from the gas.
Base and Topcoat Paints
Pleated cartridge filters using a woven screen material have been introduced in recent years to provide more surface area for longer life.
Catalyst Recovery
Catalysts are used in petroleum refining and organic chemical manufacturing to convert and/or purify organic chemicals into a more useable form.
Chemical Mechanical Planarization
The primary purpose of filtration is to remove particles caused by agglomerated slurry particles and other unwanted contamination.
Completion and Rework Fluid
To remove particulate from well drilling bentonite or barite fluid to prevent stratum plugging
High Quality Printing Companies
To maintain the appropriate print quality, each color must be filtered to remove particles that can plug the spray nozzles or cause print misses.
High Value / Hazardous Metal Recovery
For hazardous wastes a particulate can be collected on the filter for later disposal
Hydrogen Peroxide Platinum Catalyst
Filtration can be an effective methodology to recover platinum for reuse.
Machine Tool Coolant
Contaminants need to be removed for the fluid to be reused
Oral Dosage Filtration
The purpose of filtration is to remove visible or smaller particulate that could make the product unacceptable to the consumer.
Photoresist Prefiltration
Several prefiltration steps are often required to get the photoresist clean enough to cost-effectively go through the 0.1 micron (or smaller) final filter.
Printing Ink and Photolith
Inks must be filtered to provide clear, concise print graphics
Process or Potable Water
Filters are used to remove particles (including microorganisms) from the incoming water.
Trap Filters for Removal of DE or Resin
Ion exchange resin is used in the manufacture of high fructose corn syrup to remove dissolved ionic contaminants.
White Water Filtration
Cellulose, glass, polyester, acrylic or other fibers are taken from bales and used as provided or cut/fibrillated to create finer fibers.