POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™)

Cross Flow Filtration

Industrial wastewater applications including metals finishing, semiconductor processes and fluoride reduction utilize cross flow filtration systems to provide optimal flux and prolonged filter functionality. Porex’s cross flow membranes, specifically microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes, work to create an optimal cross flow filtration system that’s long lasting and easy to service. Our cross flow membrane systems are ideal for processing industrial wastewater due to the higher overall filtration rate, and the fact that the RO reject can be further processed to create zero liquid discharge.

Porex FIltration Cross Flow Diagram

Microfiltration is a cross flow, pressure driven membrane separation technology designed to remove submicron (and larger) suspended solids from water supplies. Cross flow filtration works by processing incoming feed across the membrane, instead of into the filter. During filtration, any material smaller than the cross flow membrane pore passes through the membrane, while suspended particulates remain in the retentate stream.

Process Flow Diagram for TMF Cross Flow Filtration System