POREX® Radial Cartridge

A unique, high-capacity, patented* porous plastic radial cartridge designed to fit standard industrial and commercial cartridge filter housings

Structural Filtration Media for Optimal Performance

POREX Radial Cartridge Filter is a unique, patented* porous plastic cartridge designed to fit standard commercial and industrial cartridge filter housings. The polyethylene (HDPE and UHMWPE) cartridges are available in a wide range of pore sizes from 5 to 50 microns. The single-layer, one-piece molded structure is backwashable and cleanable.
*US Patent 7125480

Why Choose POREX Radial Cartridge Filters?

  • Rigid, lightweight POREX Radial Cartridge Filters install easily into existing filtration systems
  • Porous PE radial cartridge is a one-piece, molded structure without seam or cage required for many applications
  • Single-layer construction optimizes backwashable capability
  • Molded high-density polyethylene cartridges have excellent chemical and physical resistance to withstand cleaning and reuse
  • Uniform, omni-directional pore structure ensures the right cartridge for your application
  • Filtration material complies with the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Section 177.1520 Item 2.1, for food contact

Typical Applications

Amine Gas Sweetening

Base and Topcoat Paints

Catalyst Recovery

Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Completion and Rework Fluid

High Quality Printing Companies

High Value / Hazardous Metal Recovery

Hydrogen Peroxide Platinum Catalyst

Machine Tool Coolant

Oral Dosage Filtration

Photoresist Prefiltration

Process or Potable Water

Trap Filters for Removal of DE or Resin

White Water Filtration

Nebo Content Management System Tracking