POREX® Applications

Ultrafiltration Membrane for Industrial Wastewater Recycling

Porex filters are being used for demanding applications such as heavy metals removal, wastewater reclamation, recycling of wafer grinding wastewater, and as a pre-filter or post-filter for increasing the recovery for Reverse Osmosis systems. Industrial water recycling is used in a wide range of industries, from electroplating, wafer fabrication (20nm Ultrafilter now available), microelectronics, to power and steel. Porex Filtration also specailizes in zero liquid discharge filtration.

Industry leaders in all verticals are benefiting from the durability and efficiency of Porex filters and our membrane microfiltration and ultrafiltration technologies.

  • Tubular Membrane

    Porex tubular microfiltration membranes provide optimal cross flow filtration for a variety of applications. Membranes are durable and serve a variety of industrial and commercial water treatment applications, such as in electroplating, die sawing, backgrinding, reverse osmosis reclaiming and a number of industrial, mining and chemical applications.

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