POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™)

Metals Precipitation/Reduction/Recycle

Industries including automotive, aerospace and electronics utilize processes that include metal finishing and metal working to produce or plate products and components. These processes, such as electroplating, can often result in wastewater contaminated with heavy metals that require treatment prior to recycling or discharge. Porex Tubular Membrane Filters (TMF™) provide the best option for many recycling or discharge treatment systems. The Porex membranes combine extremely rugged, durable construction for long life with ease of service and excellent filtrate quality. The effluent can be either directly treated further with Reverse Osmosis or other treatments, recycled without additional treatment or discharged. The Porex TMF system provides the simplest, smallest, most effective treatment system for many metal finishing operations.

Heavy Metal Wastewater Filtration Flow Diagram

The TMF Process Flow Diagram (above) shows a typical metals precipitation application utilizing a TMF system. The feed water containing dissolved metals is fed to the reaction tank where, typically, chemicals are added to increase the pH and precipitate the metals out of solution as insoluble hydroxides. A co-precipitating agent may also be used to enhance the metal removal. The water is then sent to a concentration tank to be treated by the TMF system. The concentrate is recycled up stream of the TMF Modules at the Concentration Tank for re-dilution. Solids concentration is kept at 3-5% with the excess solids sent to a filter press for de-watering and disposal. The number of TMF Modules required is dependent upon the total flow rate of the system. The modules are typically placed in series, or train, of up to 12 modules and systems are usually designed to allow at least one train to be independently taken off line for routine maintenance cleaning. To support system design, a small pilot test system can be used to determine capacity and clean- in -place requirements for a particular waste stream.


Typical Metal Finishing and PCB Applications and Results*

* Actual results may vary based on site specific factors.

Porex Filtration provides high quality membrane filter modules for use in water and wastewater treatment systems.  We work with qualified distributors and OEM system builders who can provide complete systems.


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