POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™)

Semiconductor Industry Water Recycling and Reuse

Microchip Grinding Wastewater - Reclaiming and recycling Ultrapure Water

The semiconductor, microelectronics, solar cell and solar panel manufacturing industries use large volumes of process and ultrapure water. The processes using this expensive water often leave contaminants that can be very difficult to remove using conventional water treatment. These include die sawing and backgrinding grit, dissolved metals, fluoride and other residuals.

Porex Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™) modules, combined with precipitation chemistry for some elements, are an effective solution for removing these difficult to treat materials. The Porex TMF modules provide a long life, extreme chemical and abrasion resistance and very high solids loading, making them ideal wafer grinding wastewater filters. After processing using the Porex TMF designed treatment system, the water can be recycled and reused. In some cases, the recovered solids may also be reused or recycled.

Wafer Dicing & Backgrinding Solids Reduction System: Tubular Membrane Microfiltration

The TMF systems are very similar to Reverse Osmosis systems, where a process pump, piping, valves, controls and TMF membrane modules are mounted to a steel frame. The image above illustrates how the process is typically designed and what a typical TMF system looks like.

The Porex TMF modules provide an excellent solution for processing of CMP and sawing/grinding wastewater.  Now available in 20nm membrane Ultrafiltration module configurations.

Porex Filtration provides high quality membrane filter modules for use in water and wastewater treatment systems.  We work with qualified distributors and OEM system builders who can provide complete systems.

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