POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™)

Zero Liquid Discharge

With the increasing need for recycling industrial waste water – either because of limited water resources or because of stricter waste water discharge regulations – many industrial producers are considering implementation of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) filtration systems.  A ZLD system contains several processes that together separate unwanted substances from the waste water to produce high quality water for reuse.  ZLD processes virtually eliminate all waste water discharge. 

Many industrial processes introduce a mixture of organic and inorganic substances to processing water that essentially turn it into waste. Most of these substances can be broken down by biological and chemical processes and turned into insoluble, suspended particles.  A membrane microfiltration system incorporating POREX® TMF™ filters can efficiently remove the suspended particles to produce high quality water.  This water can then be fed into a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system, which produces even higher quality water that can be reused.  

The net result is that the whole ZLD system produces only high quality fresh water and solid waste. The solid waste is further processed to a dry “cake material” that will remain stable in a landfill environment. In some instances, the “cake material” may contain valuable substances that can be recovered economically; copper for example. High quality water produced from the TMF system, and subsequently fed into the RO system, is the key ingredient in engineering an efficient ZLD system operation.  Read more about Porex TMF filter modules and how they can help achieve ZLD system operation. 

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POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) Applied in a ZLD System as Critical Solid/Liquid Separation Process