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Major wafer grinding water reclamation project installs Porex Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™) system

Porex Corporation Porex® Filtration Division announces that their Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) modules have been selected and installed as a key component in a water recovery system at one of the largest semiconductor manufacturing companies in Korea.  This system, managed by Veolia Water Korea, was put in place to reclaim the Ultrapure Water (UPW) used in the wafer backgrinding process.  It had previously been thought that reclaiming this type of waste water by any membrane process would not be feasible because the process generates fine, abrasive silicon and colloidal silica particles that must be removed prior to the water being further processed for reuse in the plant. The Porex TMF membranes effectively remove these very fine silicon and colloidal silica particles prior to the RO.  They are well adapted to this process as the durable Porex membranes are extremely abrasion resistant and provide excellent flux rates and filtrate quality.

 It is estimated that this plant will ultimately save approximately $1,000,000 USD per year in reduction of water usage and sewer discharge fees with a capacity of 3,000 m3 per day. Currently the TMF system is treating about 2,000 m3 per day which will increase up to 3,000 m3 per day after expansion of semiconductor production.

 The Porex TMF membranes were supplied by SI Membranes of Seoul Korea, and the system was constructed by JM Tech Co., Ltd., also based in Korea.