POREX® Cartucho Radial

Cartucho Radial Resúmenes de las aplicaciones y documentación técnica

Porex radial cartridges are polyethylene-based filters designed for use across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial filtration systems. Our high-density polyethylene cartridges withstand vigorous cleaning and reuse, thanks to chemical and physical protection attributes built-in to their design, while also installing easily into most cartridge housings found in modern industrial filtration systems.

Porexʼs rigid, omni-directional pore structure ensures these units meet chemical and thermal compatibility standards for a variety of radial cartridge applications, while a unique, molded radial design gives these cartridges a simple-to-use one-piece construction for easy installation and maintenance. The filtration material found in Porex radial cartridges complies with the Code of Federal Regulations for food contact.

For a lightweight, durable filtration solution for use in industrial filtration systems, Porex radial cartridges stand above the competition. Below is a list of radial cartridge applications and technical documentation:


Radial Cartridge Application Briefs