POREX® New Product Introductions

Porex introduces the next advancement in Tubular Membrane Filters (TMF™) designed for demanding ultrafiltration applications.

The Porex 20 Nanometer Ultrafilter

Silicon Wafer manufacturing processes are complex, technically challenging, and expensive. These processes utilize large volumes of ultra-pure water that are required for cooling, lubricating and flushing cuttings created from the wafers during slicing, backgrinding and die sawing operations.  Fine particulate are a by-product of the process and contain a large proportion of very hard, sharp edged cuttings in addition to a fine colloidal solids load.

This newest advancement in the Porex TMF filter technology line is a specially formulated high flux 20nm rated tubular membrane. It was designed to remove virtually all the cuttings and particulate load, including the very fine colloidal particulate found in semiconductor water streams. Porex 20nm membranes incorporate the same robust membrane-to-substrate bond as standard Porex TMF membranes, which are engineered for excellent performance, high strength and with very high resistance to abrasive solids.  It is the ideal choice for wafer grinding applications worldwide. 

Porex 20nm membranes were engineered to meet the highest standards of the filtration industry to ensure long and efficient operation.

Silicon Wafer Grinding Wastewater

Designed specifically for:

  • Wafer grinding
  • Backgrinding
  • Solar panel and glass grinding
  • Applications involving fine, abrasive particle removal

Also suitable for dewatering oil emulsions