POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™)

Superior strength of the patented* Porex Tubular Membrane allows higher operating and backwash pressures for a higher flux and reduced system footprint.

Structural Membrane Tubes Are Designed to Perform

The patented* Porex Tubular Membrane Filters are designed to fit new and existing tubular membrane systems. In operation, a fluid, such as chemically pre-treated wastewater, flows through the cross flow membrane tubes at high velocity, sufficient to maintain turbulent flow. At typical operating pressures of 20–80 psi, clean fluid is forced through the pores of the PVDF membrane, while suspended particulates remain in the retentate stream. The turbulent flow of the retentate stream prevents the build-up of particles on the inner surface of the membrane tube, providing high flux and prolonged filter life. This method of turbulent cross flow membrane filtration with Porex’s large bore tubular design may eliminate the need for prefiltration and should routinely handle high solids levels up to 5% by weight. * US Patent 7674517

Why Choose POREX Tubular Membrane Module

  • POREX Filtration Modules provide consistent, reliable solid/liquid separations and long service life
  • Sintered PE substrate with PVDF membrane offers high-performance tubular membranes with superior operating characteristics
  • Sintered PVDF substrate with PVDF membrane offers high temperature and improved chemical compatibility (pH range of 0–14 standard units)
  • PVDF/PVDF composite option offers increased abrasion resistance 
  • Multiple membrane pore sizes available on two different substrate options
  • Uniform, thermally-bonded omni-directional substrate pore structure provides an optimized support structure for membrane tubes
  • Multiple configurations available to suit your applicationʼs flux and solids level requirements (up to 5% by weight)

Tubular Membrane Modules from Porex Filtration Typical Applications

Semiconductor Processes

Dewatering Oil/Water Emulsions

Fluoride Reduction

Lime Softening / RO Reclaim

Metals Finishing

Solids / SDI Reduction