POREX® Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF™)

Material Technology

POREX Tubular Membrane Modules contain unique, highly durable, substrate tubes. The superior strength of the membrane / substrate composite allows higher operating and backwash pressures for higher flux and reduced system footprint. The structural composite membrane features PVDF membrane bonded to PVDF substrate or anchored to PE substrate.

Each POREX Tubular Membrane Module contains multiple membrane tubes. Substrate tubes are made from either PE or PVDF sintered porous media that creates an intricate network of open-celled, omni-directional pores. The substrate tube pores are then cast with membrane, which gives our tubes an innovative combination of filtering capability and structural strength. The microphotographs below illustrate the unique bond between the membrane and the substrate.

Structural Membrane Technology

  • No membrane delamination
  • Same polymers
  • Uniform chemical and temperature resistance
  • Improved backpulse efficiency
  • Membrane fused to substrate

Tough uniform membrane composite

  • Surface scratches will not destroy overall structural integrity

Higher pressure resistance

  • Increased flux
  • Reduced system size

Chemical Resistance

POREX Porous Plastics are made from thermoplastics that are resistant to a broad spectrum of corrosive chemicals and reagents. The customer should perform appropriate tests to determine the performance of POREX® Porous Plastics under each specific operating condition.

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