POREX® Underdrain Plates

Material Technology

Throughout each POREX Underdrain Plate runs an intricate network of open-celled, omni-directional pores which gives the media consistency throughout the plate which provides a combination of filtering capability and structural strength.

Porex Filtration Porous Underdrain FiltersRigid, Omni-Directional Pore Structure

  • High Performance Ratings
  • Narrow Pore Size Distribution
  • Thermally Bonded
  • Excellent Chemical and Thermal Compatibility

The microphotograph illustrates the uniform pore structure of POREX Underdrain Plate.





 Key Benefits of Porex Underdrain Plates

  • Supports bed depths of or more
  • Overlapping edges (for leak free installations)
  • Uniform distribution of back flush (to increase backash efficiency)
  • High strength
  • UV resistant
  • Long system life
  • Easy to install using multiple fasteners
  • NSF-61 material certified for drinking water applications